24-hour Care

24-Hour Home Care.

24 hour homecare support can come in the form of a 'Live-in carer' or a 24 hour carer - Let me begin by giving you some examples of 24 hour homecare to give you a better idea of the difference between the two types of care and then what you may need.

1. You live alone and are usually very independent, you need surgery or have become acutely unwell and need a little support from someone who can stay with you for a couple of night to get you back on your feet again.  OR

2. You are the main carer for your friend or partner and you need go away for a couple of days and need someone to take your place.  OR

3. Your family member or friend lives alone, their health has deteriorate and they are no longer safe to be alone at home and need someone to stay with them whilst you investigate the best way forward.  

Kentish homecare can support you with 24 hour homecare.  We generally do this by providing a carer to support you during the day and then a second carer to support your overnight.  The advantage to this type of care is that we can normally organise this quicker than organising a 'live-in carer'.   It can be for a short period of time, which gives you thinking time about whether you need further support, or only needed 24 hour carer for a couple of days.

Live-in care is more of a longer term solution where a carer can be arranged to move in and live with you over a period of time.  Kentish does occasionally supply live-in carers, but this does not tend to be our specialty, so if you do need live-in care and we cannot help we can advise you of who to contact.   

Still not sure what you need.... Give us a call and we can provide guidance to help you make your decision.