Night Care Service

Night Care Service.

Care giving is a demanding job. It can be rewarding but it can also be taxing. This is true both emotionally and physically.  You may require support if you are a friend or family member who is there during the day but needs a good break overnight, to either have a good night sleep in the home, or go back to your own home to sleep, or perhaps you feel vulnerable and alone overnight and need someone in the home to give you the confidence to remain safe and well at home, should you need any support overnight.  

The night care service will usually cover a period of time from 10pm-7am or 9pm to 6am - but your specific needs can be discussed at time of assessment.  We provide 2 types of night care service which may be of interest to you.  

Waking Service.

If you, or the person you care for require constant support during the night, the waking service is the answer. A professional caregiver form Kentish Homecare will provide the right kind of care during the night time. He or she will be there to assist our client when it is requested and/or required.
The carer remains awake ready to respond when needed.

Sleeping Service.

This is where the care worker visits for the night, but may not be required throughout the night and is therefore able to sleep until the client needs them again.   If the night time is one of only periodic issues requiring minimal help, then consider this sleeping service.

Please contact us if you require any information on this service.