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Our Homecare Services

At Kentish Homecare we specialise in providing the very best in bespoke personal homecare services – giving our clients all the support and assistance they need to continue living in their own home.

From assisting with a few household chores for an hour a week through to full 24-hour, round-the-clock care, we will listen to your needs and tailor a personal care package that will give you all the support you need and help you live your life.

Privately owned by former senior nursing staff, Kentish Homecare, is based in Beckenham and has been providing outstanding care solutions to the residents of Beckenham, Bromley, and surrounding boroughs for over 20 years.

With an exceptional reputation built on word-of-mouth recommendations and unrivalled quality of care, our highly qualified team are committed to providing the help and support you need, giving you the respect, privacy and dignity you deserve.
So, whether you want just one of our services or you need full homecare we will provide you with the perfect solution.

And don’t worry if you can’t see the care solution you’re looking for on our site, this is only a snapshot of what we offer and we will work with you to tailor something that suits your needs.
To find out more about the services we offer, simply call Kentish Homecare on 0208 658 4455

Personal Care

From assistance with washing and dressing, through to toilet use and shaving, our qualified homecare team are on hand, ready to help you with all the basics of living in your own home. At Kentish Homecare, we believe every one of our clients deserves respect, privacy and dignity and our carers will work with you to give you peace of mind and the very best in personal day-to-day care. Read more on personal care.


Our staff will work with your existing healthcare professionals to ensure your medication is managed in an appropriate manner. Our background within the NHS puts Kentish Homecare in a unique position, able to fully understand the importance of safely managing your medication. Read more on medication.

Meal Preparation

People often find it difficult to prepare meals for themselves – but our carers can help. Whether you need help at breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, or you need someone to help prepare snacks and drinks during the day, the Kentish Homecare team are fully trained in all aspects of Food Safety and can prepare your meals for you in your own home. Read more on meal preparation.


Household chores may seem simple but they can soon mount up and for some people they can swiftly become impossible. From vacuuming and dusting, through to laundry, ironing and making your bed, our team can ease the burden and help you to live your life in a clean home. The Kentish Homecare team can even do the simplest chores when they get too much – like putting out the weekly bins. Read more on housekeeping.

Personal Affairs

Whether you need help collecting your pension and paying your bills, or assistance in shopping or attending family events, our team can give you all the help and support you need. Maintaining your personal affairs is a big part of an independent lifestyle and at Kentish Homecare we are committed to helping you keep up-to-date with all your paperwork. Read more on personal affairs.

Respite Care / Sitting Service

From time to time your primary care giver may need a break, or you might just want someone to talk to – that’s where we can help. If your carer is unable to care for you for a brief spell, for whatever reason, a member of our team can provide you with suitable cover. At Kentish Homecare we know that consistent and constant care is vital for our clients and we can provide you with total peace of mind, every day. Read more on respite care / sitting service.


Sometimes you only need care for a short period of time – perhaps while you recover from an illness or hospitalisation. We can tailor our services to help you regain your independence within your own home, giving you the assistance you need to gain confidence and help you get back on your feet. From help with walking to assistance in getting dressed, Kentish Homecare will give you the support you need. Read more on rehabilitation.

Night Care Service

Often people need more care and attention at night. We offer two services – ‘Waking’ and ‘Sitting’* – both of which ensure there is someone on hand to help throughout the night, giving you total peace of mind. At Kentish Homecare we know that problems can seem so much worse when it’s dark, so our team are trained to help you stay safe and comfortable all night long.
*Waking Service – ideal for clients who require frequent attention at night, with a carer constantly on hand to assist in any way. Sitting Service – designed for clients who need minimal assistance at night, with the carer sleeping for short periods, but still ‘on call’. Read more on night care service.

24-hour Care

If you or your loved one needs constant, round-the-clock care and assistance then we can help. Our team of carers can help with full 24-hour support to ensure you remain safe, comfortable and confident, living in your own home. Kentish Homecare is committed to providing the very best care and support at all times, providing you with the perfect foundation for living your life. Read more on 24-hour care.

Caring for Pets

Our closest friends can sometimes become a burden when we are less able to care for them. Whether it is feeding your fish or walking your dog, our team can help you to look after your pets and ensure they are cared for in a suitable manner. At Kentish Homecare we know that caring for the things that are important to you is just as caring for you directly and can make a real difference to your life. Read more on caring for pets.

Please remember, this is not an exhaustive list and is designed as a snapshot of all the services available from Kentish Homecare. For further information, or to tailor your own personal care package, simply contact us at any time.