Personal Care Services

Kentish Homecare Professionals Can Help With Personal Care Needs

Although many people strive to maintain independence, there may come a time or situations where having help with personal care means you are able to remain safe at home.   This  can happen suddenly perhaps after a sudden illness or change in circumstance or it may have been building slowly over time due to increased frailty which unfortunate comes as we all age.

Personal care may include support to have a wash, shower or bath, assistance from washing your feet or combing your hair. Putting on our clothes or support with toileting or with a catheter or stoma bag.  Our goal is to provide you with the help you need in the privacy of your own home in a way that leaves you feeling confident and secure.

It's can often be difficult to come to terms with accepting you need help with personal care as not only is it accepting you have lost some of your independence but is can also be a sensitive subject to discuss which is why our team strive to provide care services with the utmost respect to your privacy and dignity, and this begins with your assessment.
All of our personal care service assessments are completed by specialist staff who are specificaly trained to assess care needs in the home. We meet with you at your home, at a time which is mutually convenient for you, with, if requested a family member or friend.  We talk through the support you would like, any problems or issues you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve.   We will talk through any anxieties and fear you have and then when you are ready plan your care with you. And Finally, if for any reasonyou need to change the care package as your situation changes we are only one phone call away.