Prompting Medication

Assistance and support with Medication.

Many people have to manage and organise a large number of daily or weekly medications which can lead to confusion and errors.  Some of our current clients have difficulty getting medication out of their blister packs or packaging whilst others clients need support to remember to take the correct medication at the correct time so that they can get the most benefit out of the medication they are taking.  Often a family member or friend will contact us to discuss concerns they may have about someone they love managing their medication safely.
At Kentish Homecare, our professional staff are trained to work with our clients who require support with medication.  We can work closely with your GP and/or pharmacy to ensure you are able to take your medication safely and as prescribed each day.
We support clients to take oral medication, apply topical creams, put in eye or ear drops.  Our carers document the assistance they provide each day, so that you or your family members can look back and check when medication has last been given to prevent any mistakes.

Support with medication can be organised as a standalone visit, or as part of a care package which may include support with personal care or meal preparation.  
If you do feel this service would be of value to you, a family member or friend please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book an assessment visit.