Rehabilitation from Kentish Homecare.

After a period of illness or an operation it can often be difficult to adapt to being back at home again.   You may feel tired and just not have the energy you had prior to admission/illness or you may not be able to get about the same as before, whilst you wait for your body to recover to full fitness.   

At Kentish Homecare we can assist you to make a complete recovery by assisting with any exercise regimes which have been prescribed by your physiotherapist, or indeed helping to complete tasks such as personal care, meal preparation and/or housekeeping duties so that you are able to conserve your energy for recovery.  Or perhaps being present whilst getting in and out of the shower, in and out of bed, or up and down stairs until your full confidence has returned.  

This rehabilitation support can be provided for a short period of time and extended as needed.  If you would like any further information or guidance on this rehabilitation support service, or any of the other services provided please contact our office for more information.