Respite Care / Sitting Service

Do you need  a break - Respite Care and Sitting Service.

It is only naturally to want to remain at home as long as you possible can, but sometimes remaining at home can please an incredible burden on family and close friends often to the point that they also become ill, or become very stressed with the extra demands on their already busy lives.  Kentish Homecare Services are here to help you lighten that burden.

If you look after a family member or friend, all day every day there is going to come a time you are going to need a break to help you keep your sanity and health.  If you do not priorities yourself enough you may even end up feeling resentful and frustrated with your situation.  

Whether that break is to put your feet up for a couple of hours, attend an appointment, or spend some quality time with other family member or friends you deserve a break.  And we are here to help you make that happen.  Whether that is every day, once a week, once a month or infrequently we can help you.  

We will collect the information we need to ensure you do not have to worry about a think, when we take over from you, you can have your breaking knowing that you are leaving your loved one in very capable hands.  

During our call we can assist by following your usual routine which may include helping with any of the following tasks:

  • Personal care - bathing, showering, dressing, helping to get in and out of bed
  • Practical Home Help - cooking, cleaning, washing, putting bits and pieces away
  • Medication - ensuring any medication is taken correctly
  • Tea and Conversation - sometimes a respite care visit involves nothing more strenuous than lending a listening ear, exchanging stories and enjoying a cup of tea while   watching or listening to a favourite programme.


Examples of the respite care we have provided. 

Kentish Homecare Services can provided respite care visit to enable a 24 hour carer to have a regular 2 hour break each day.

We can provide respite carer to relieve a husband, who cared for his wife, so he could attend his own hospital appointments.

We also provide respite care for main carers to go out and do some shopping, meet friends and family and get their hair done