Support To Prepare Meals

Support and assistance to prepare meals.

Food preparation can become a very labour intensive process if you are struggling with mobility or you have a reduction in movement in your hands and fingers.   Some of our clients struggle to lift hot items in and out of the oven, struggle to chop up vegetables, or simple do not have the strength to make themselves a meal each day.   
Sometimes it is just nice for someone to come in and cook or prepare a meal for you, especially from scratch!   It maybe as a treat or if you don't feel up to cooking for yourself for whatever reason.
Often a family member may want the reassurance to know that their relative has a hot meal each day, especially if they don't feel like cooking for themselves or forget to cook for themselves.  
Kentish Homecare offers meal preparation as a standalone service or as part of its personal care packages, and our staff works with you to meet all of your dietary needs.

Our carers can do any of the following combinations, shop for you, prepare vegetables for you, cook the whole meal, assist with microwave meals, serve your food up, wash up all your dishes, prepare meals which can be frozen for a later date.  
We can also help support you if on a special diet recommend by your GP, dietician or speech and language therapist.  
We support some of our clients with breakfast, lunch and tea and others with just one meal a day or a couple of times a week.

Some of our clients also require support with meals and our homecare meal service is tailored to meet your needs, which begins at the initial assessment, we will collect all the information we need to assist to place a package of care and support which is right for you simply phone our office for more information on this service.